Something For Dad

My father collects and restores antique radios. Over the years he has been featured in many news articles. When someone is doing a play based in the past, they call him for props. He travels all over the place going to radio conventions.



Dad at a radio show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


He restores them from the inside, making them work again. He gives them new grill cloth, which is a cloth that allows the sound to come through.


1935 St Regis Cathedral Radio


Dad’s restored radios have been winning awards for decades.


He restores the wood to it’s former glory and finds original replacement parts, whenever possible,  like knobs.


1938 Zenith Tombstone radio. Veneer repaired, new replica grill cloth and cabinet refinished–finally…


Dad picks up old radios from swap meets. He also stops at yard sales and always asks if they have any old broken radios up in the attic. Sometimes they do! And sometimes they are in old barns. The radios are usually in poor condition but, that’s ok because they are in the right hands now.



Another prize from a swap meet–Zenith 10 S 130 radio– 1936-37. He stayed up to midnight to get her working.


So what does all of this have to do with embroidery? Well, you know Dad’s are hard to shop for. For years it was Old Spice and sugar free candy or another Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt. This year, since I have learned to digitize embroidery designs, I am turning some pictures of old radios into embroidery designs. I plan to make a few sofa pillows and probably some wall art out of them.






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