Watermarks and Branding

Watermarks and branding! Oh my, it has been so much work! I had help from the best graphic artist and I owe her big time. She keeps telling me, “It will all come out in the wash.” I know it will. I’m not sure how but I will do something awesome for her in return.

She took care of the watermarks. I didn’t even have to do a thing. I love that she put them on the fabric part of the image. They are hard to see and aren’t distracting but they are there, as we need them to be. This just makes it harder for people to steal your images and claim them as their own work.

The logo was much harder. I knew what I wanted but how do you say it in words when you don’t have a picture? Branding is so important. When someone sees your lovely image on facebook or Pinterest, the link will often disappear. A lot of times your description will also be replaced with someone else’s words. How do people know where to find your product? Your name has got to be on the image somewhere.  Well, it’s done. It was time consuming but now I can move on to the real work of creating. I love what we came up with. It’s simple and feminine but not too girly. It’s nature themed, which fits me perfectly, and the font added a touch of elegance. It’s grown up. I like that. Not too cute, you know what I mean?f



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