Embroidery Design Freebies! Who Wants A Hot Dog?

Ok friends, I have yet to figure out how to upload the zip files of these adorable designs so readers can get some freebies. If you know how to do this, please comment! 🙂

I HAVE found out how to give a 90% discount, anyways. Etsy won’t allow a 100% (free) discount but they will allow up to 90% off, as far as I can tell. 90% off of a $3.00 design is like pennies, right? It’s 30 cents according to my math.

So, until the 10th of this month, you can use coupon code FEEDBACKPROMO to get 90% off anything in my etsy shop. All I ask is that you leave feedback once you have time to use the designs.

My shop link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TwistedTurnipShop

The fair is coming to town this week so I have been working on some cute fair themed designs and lots of Fall designs as well. Thanks everyone and happy embroidering!


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