Vintage Tea Towel Designs: Now For Machine Embroidery

This is IT. This is what I have been looking for since I started machine embroidery about five years ago. I LOVE the vintage hand embroidery designs. They are perfect for tea towels! I see people recreating these retro designs all the time in hand embroidery patterns, but I’ve never found them for machine embroidery.

I am so thrilled to now be able to digitize these designs for myself and for other machine embroidery enthusiasts. I finished these two today and have two more to photograph tomorrow. I could make dozens of these!  I have attached the links to purchase the designs ($3.00 each) from my etsy shop.

I did these designs in bluework. I’ve talked about redwork and bluework before. Bluework came onto the scene about a decade after redwork, when the Turkish came up with an Indigo thread that didn’t bleed. That was over 200 years ago! Redwork, bluework and blackwork have regained popularity. They are done with simple stitches that make for light and fast work.



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