I Love Being A Volunteer

Life is pretty busy right now. School is now in session, which means early to bed and early to rise. I volunteer every afternoon at my daughter’s school. Those teachers have so much paperwork. I’m happy to make copies of classwork for the week, cut out pretties for the bulletin boards, make booklets, etc.  This year I am going in for an hour and a half each day. We are lucky to have a quiet copy room where moms and grandmas work on large tables. We have one grandpa, who we enjoy quite a bit.

There are perks to being a volunteer. When the teacher comes across something that needs to be done, ASAP, they will usually send your child/grandchild down the hall to bring it to you. It’s nice to get a little hug once in awhile from your sweety.

Work at home parents can really benefit from the time they spend just chatting with the other parents in the volunteer room. While cutting and copying, we chat about everything from kids and family to computers and technology. We are such a diverse group, all from different places and backgrounds. I totally feel that I learn something new every day.

It’s an escape from the big bad world out there, too. There are no tvs, no newcasts or facebook. We are too busy to look at our phones. It’s an escape from home life. Laundry, cooking and other household chores can wait.

When I have family visiting me, I just bring them along. My mom has helped me several times. She checks in with her driver’s license at the front office and helps me all day. Her artist skills came in very handy when we had to make a lot of posters last year.

One of the very best perks is skipping the car line. Car loading lines at school are long and they take forever. Some of our parents (like me) have to get from one school to another to pick up multiple children. Traffic that time of day is just awful. And, of course, if you are late to pick up your child, well that’s not good! Volunteers are able to park in the regular parking lot and leave swiftly with their child at the end of the day. What’s better than that?





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