Back To School Sewing

I love making my daughter’s clothes! Sadly, she has outgrown all the adorable patterns I have used for so long. I started looking for new patterns this summer and there aren’t nearly as many choices. Now that she’s about to outgrow a size 8, the selection is suddenly limited.

I bought only one pattern. It was from Hobby Lobby and it was $17.00! I didn’t want to pay so much for a regular sewing pattern, but it was all I could find in her size. I know we will get lots of use out of it, though. It includes sizes 7 to 14. They also have it for smaller sizes (Sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6) Here it is, McCall’s M7312.


I made 3 skirts the first day. They went pretty quickly. The fourth day I made the patchwork skirt. With 42 pieces, I thought I would never finish it! It took all day and my back was so mad at me by the time I was done. Here is Abby wearing the skirt on the first day of school. I guess it was worth it.






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