A Gift For Liamalso

I started this baby blanket quite a long time ago. I put it down one day because I couldn’t find the right foot for my sewing machine. The N foot was missing. The N foot is the only foot for my brother sewing machine that does decorative stitches.

I found it! It’s been about 6 months since I first started this owl blanket. I was ready to get it done and get it to it’s owner, Liam Michael, who is now about 9 months old. Better late than never, right?

Liam was nicknamed Liamalso right when he was born. My sister had a baby named Liam in October. A couple of months later a niece on my husband’s side also had a baby named Liam. When I showed my youngest daughter pictures of the newest Liam, she was confused. So I told her who he belonged to and that him name was Liam, also. “Oh!”, she said, “Liamalso!”

Time must have been on my side because right when I finished it, I found this little birdie that fits right in the pocket I made. A stroke of luck! Kids just love pockets and it seems no one ever puts pockets on kids’ blankets. I decided to go for it. My only real critic is less than a year old so I think I’m pretty safe.

Update 8/22

Liam is enjoying his blanket and sent a picture.




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